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The Play of Brilliants

Prize(s) Winners in Interactive Lighting Projects
Company Nipek
Lead Designers Shigeki Fujii / Natsuko Ueda
Completion Date March 2016
Project Location Singapore
Entry Description

The Play of Brilliants is an installation created by using 108 Bohemian crystal drops individually illuminated by an ultra-narrow LED parabolic-reflector lamp. Using motion-tracking cameras, visitors' movements activate individual lights, creating dynamic sparkles and reflections. This is an exploration of the seamless integration of lighting, digital technologies and material in a space. The lighting in architecture will be more and more dynamic and interactive with the new technologies in the coming years. Over the recent years, the introduction of LEDs and its capabilities of changing colours have made our cities exciting but often too colourful and artificial. What Nipek has been exploring is the possibility of a more seamless and sophisticated application of the digital lighting with material and space, and to create an effect that feels natural and refreshing as if you are experiencing natural lighting phenomena like sun glitter on ocean or dancing sunlight through swaying leaves. The installation was developed in collaboration with annolab (Interactive system design). Sponsor: Preciosa, Tokistar, Korr Lighting, Krislite, Technolite Singapore, Lightcraft, Creative Lighting Asia.
Company Description

Nipek is a specialized lighting design studio with offices in Singapore and Sapporo focusing on high-profile projects in the three main fields, Architecture+Environment, Hospitality, and Art.
Creativity and attention to detail are the key strengths of the studio, and its elegant and timeless lighting design works achieved by their sensitive approach to light and darkness have been appreciated by the top property developers, designers, and architects from across the globe.