Tall Poppy Cordless Table Lamp

  • Company
    Neoz Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Ellis, Gabriel Tam
  • Location

The ‘Tall Poppy’ is a rechargeable battery powered table lamp designed for hospitality and home environments. It provides glare-free downlight in a slender ribbed form without the need of power cord. The lamps ribbed shape is informed by natural elements such as seashells and plants and is die-cast in zinc alloy for durability. Beauty isn’t all about the lamp looks. Indeed, in practice, it’s the light quality that makes the biggest difference to the ambience. A custom-built LED provides a 2600k warm white illumination at 100+ lm with 93+ CRI facilitating superior rendition of food and skin tones for over 10 hrs of operation. For ease of operation, the lamp features a touch switch with 3 dim level, patented 'Rotation Switching' when operating on the charging base and an auto-off function when used in conjunction with our commercial charging system. As mishap can happen in the hospitality environment, only mechanical fasteners are used and every component of the lamp can be replaced.