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Yizheng Brand Experience Center

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination / Light Art Project
Company Light Collab LLP
Lead Designers Yah Li Toh
Completion Date November 2016
Project Location China
Entry Description

Yizheng Stationery is a market leader in children’s eraser in China. This experience center is situated in the factory. The aim is to bring the brand to life. Our approach is to deliver a visual spectacle;impress, intrigue and were given the task to illuminate the brand experience and to create bespoke light artworks using eraser as a material. In addition to the overall illumination, the uniqueness of the eraser products & its interaction with light, as a major experiential and branding element were investigated. The design process started with a series of investigations with the reflective quality, refraction quality, translucency of the rubber with light.3 bespoke artworks were created:1)footsteps of Light (white erasers mounted on wall, to create the shadows of chinese characters of the company name). 2) Speckles: white on outside, but coloured erasers on inside, to reflect the colours off the erasers. colours were created from the reflection. 3) Black and White Eraser pendants