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ADC Office

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions in Workplace Lighting
Company Architecture Design Collaborative
Lead Designers Craig Chinn
Completion Date February, 2017
Project Location Laguna Hills, CA
Entry Description
Located in Laguna Hills, CA this architecture office carries on the young-lively ambiance of the architectural studio and evokes the collaborative spirit of a studio environment in a professional setting. The design has a high attention to detail from the lighting design, to art and multi-purpose workspaces, to the not so common office-bar. The lighting design was implemented cohesively with the design approach to bring through a contemporary office quality. Displayed in the lobby a large light-box backlights a custom graphic that catches the eye as you walk in. The conference room features three 36-inch diameter bubble-like fixtures that enhance the elegant quartz table and contemporary design. In the studio space, the hanging linear fixtures are combined with a row of cylindrical pendants that reflect the company’s branding color and playful energy. This unique approach the office environment creates an influential setting within the team and renews the idea of the traditional office