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CSAV Offices

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Limarí Lighting Design
Lead Designers Pascal Chautard
Other Designer's names Carolina Roese, Felipe Grandón
Client CSAV
Photo Credits Aryeh Kornfeld
Other Credits Architects Cecilia Puga, Paula Velasco
Completion Date december 2022
Project Location Santiago, Chile
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Entry Description

CSAV is the Chilean leader shipping company with 150 years of history.
The headquarters in Santiago take up a 760 meters squared floor.

The special features of the offices are to contain a collection of furniture, objects transforming the offices in a kind of museum and have many living/lounge spaces.

Architectural project considers a distribution center with false ceiling as to contain all technical conduits and pipes and perimetral zones where they conserve the concrete original ceiling as a way to achieve a suitable height.

The lighting project challenges were about how to design light emphasizing the architectural gestures, magnifying the collection and providing a qualitative worklight.

Our main strategies were to integrate recessed lighting systems on the distribution center and generate an indirect lighting effect from the distribution center to the perimetral areas complemented with tracks that allow flexible accent or work lighting and functional or decorative pendants when needed.

Two large showcases of 12m long were designed as to contain the collection of ships models and were the object of a specific lighting design that includes a zenithal lighting component from the ceiling plus an internal frontal lighting system.

The control system brings an automatic operation of the lighting system with programmed scenes, occupancy detection, daylight control.

Sustainability Approach

The project is designed to switch on only the used spaces with The daylight control allow to do the balance between daylight and electric light and use only the necessary electric light.