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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Studio ió Arquitetura
Lead Designers Carolina Ciola Fonseca
Photo Credits Marcelo Kahn
Other Credits Studio ió Arquitetura (executive project and lighting design) Atmosfera (industrial kitchen design)
Completion Date 2023-02
Project Location Tocantins - Brazil
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Entry Description

Comics is a stand up comedy club, music show, restaurant and bar with 1,300m2 located in Tocantins, Brazil. It is a place with local drinks and food.

Two-story building with entrance, lounge, stage, bars, kitchen, cashier, stock, cabins, mezzanine, bathrooms, storage, dressing rooms and outdoor area.

The inspiration was to use bright colors and elements that resemble comic books. The idea was to have this young look impact.

The lighting uses many colors, contrast and each environment follows the architecture of the place.

The bar counters, backlit counter and round hall light fixtures can change colors (RGB / automation).

The ceiling and wall lamps on the marquees and in the exit were especially developed for this project and were named “infinito ió”. Have a mirror, reflective glass and led tape to give the sensation of infinity, also resembling the comic books.

It was used pendants, projectors, sconces, beacons, posts, illuminated baseboard, illuminated stair step, neon writing, logo light, built-in, LED profile on cabinets / wall / floor and facade lighting.

In the kitchen, the significant lighting goes to the area where gourmet dishes are finished.

The lighting was designed for watching the shows, but also to see the drinks and dishes, which are the focus of the club.