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IKAL concept store

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company lighteam by gustavo avilés
Lead Designers Gustavo Avilés, Brenda Castillo y Verónica Martínez
Completion Date August, 2017.
Project Location Mexico City
Entry Description

IKAL is a concept store that seeks to represent Mexican design as a virtuous circle that is reinterpreted multidisciplinary and, therefore, the products contain history and spirit.
It has a pop up store that can be rented, with the aim that IKAL also becomes a cultural space where different national design proposals are constantly circulating. It is a platform for different Mexican design houses and could also house international brands in the future.
Immersed in the context of luxury stores, the architects of All Architecture (Alejandro Isaac Guardado, Salvador Guardado, Eduardo Ugalde, Josemaría Quintanilla, Alondra Méndez, Claudia Vitalozzi, Elena Zambra, Rodrigo Miranda) conceived a space that enhances national design. Focusing on traditional processes, the project is defined by the use of local materials and craft techniques that characterize them as a creative collective.
The access to the store is defined by a large white facade formed by a matrix of white cubes that achieve a permeable surface towards the interior. The design of this lattice is inspired by the purity and imperative of a canvas, ready to house a contrast of textures and colors.
The furniture, designed specifically for the space, achieves quasi-perfect assemblies, which, supported by the lighting design, awaken the user's curiosity and stimulate it in all its senses.
The spaces are arranged to create an experience that involves, through the various levels, starting with the level of access, where by season the showcase changes, marking and coupling to the trends. There is a holistic approach, space and creation, light and belonging, achieving the user's approach and the exploration of space.
Following the architectural line of minimalist strokes, the lighting design appears as a complement to it mixing between structures, vertices and edges, highlights each detail and acts as a communicating agent between the object and the end user.
The design promotes the relationship between the projected light, the retained light and the reflected light to the look, obtaining benefits for both the exhibitor and the one who acquires the piece.
Located on the most cosmopolitan avenue in Mexico City, the great white façade stands out for its pure color making a play of shadows that give it movement and life contrasting with the somber environment of gray scales.
Following the philosophy of representing and promoting national design, each fixture is carefully designed by lighteam by gustavo avilés s.c. (Mexican workshop dedicated to the design of architectural lighting, winner of multiple awards both nationally and internationally, its practice is articulated through different academic, humanistic, artistic, technical and scientific points of view on light and lighting) and manufactured in Mexico City by Eléctrica Polux S.A. C.V.