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The Hut Lamp

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University Georgia Institute of Technology
Lead Designers Gracie Daniel
Other Designer's names Liza Egorova
Completion Date 10/22/2022
Project Location Atlanta, GA
Entry Description

HÛT is inspired by familiar lamps with a lampshade and base but with a modern twist. The lamp consists of repeated beams that surround two lightbulbs embedded into a base, creating a simplified silhouette of a lampshade. By making use of only the essential form of the old lamps, the HÛT achieves a simple form suited for modern interiors. The beams were designed to be cut from wood on a CNC and assembled with ease. They can be arranged on a sheet in a way that uses a minimal amount of material with almost no scrap, reducing the lamp's environmental impact. HÛT serves as a decorative accent lamp, and casts the light as rays instead of diffusing it, making the its surroundings more dynamic with casted shadows.