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Lesedi Lamp

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Lead Designers Lebogang Natasha Raphiri
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location Cape Town, South Africa
Entry Description

LESEDI Lamp is a new source of artificial light that has been brought to interiors to improve the quality of life, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It uses an LED light source to provide a variety of settings for people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

The basic form is of the lamp characterised by a medium sized round ring metal piece with with an internal light source and two perforated disk which can be adjusted to the users preference.

The way the colours change within the light source is coordinated with the body’s circadian rhythm. The change in light colour is set to cycle every 24 hours or manually set as per the user preference. In the morning, the light source casts a cool blue light to stimulate wakefulness. In the evening, it shines a warm amber, resulting in increased melatonin production to aid with sleep.

LESEDI Lamp is an abstract celebration of African cultures , with the functionality & look and feel of modern materials and technologies. The basic form inspired by organic lines and forms of traditional African patterns across multiple cultures.