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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lumca
Lead Designers Luc Fortin
Completion Date MARCH 2020
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Entry Description

The COSMO lighting products has been designed with the classic lines of period lanterns in mind... Paying homage to the traditions of the past while adding a modern touch. The COSMO range of modular products is composed of two luminaires and a bollard, all of which allow for the creation of harmonious lighting ensembles that can be easily integrated into both historical and contemporary environments. The product is structurally modular in terms of the configuration of the luminaire cage, the diameter and height of the pole and its base. The product is also modular in terms of lighting color rendering, lighting intensity and light distribution. The light module is equipped with an anti-glare lens that hides the LEDs and evens out the light, recalling the softness and warmth of traditional filament lamps and oil lamps. The design of the luminaire is totally centered on the human being, whether it be its appearance, its lighting performance, its installation system, its maintenance or its life cycle. The product is made of 90% recycled/recyclable aluminum parts. Four different aluminum alloys are used in the composition of the product and its shaping requires five shaping processes.