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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers MICHEL TORTEL
Completion Date 2021
Project Location France
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Entry Description

Tréma floor lamps provide a high-performance response to the multiple lighting constraints required for office activities, but also for technical professions where an optimal level of visual perception is essential.
The diffusion mode by micro-engraved transparent plate, delivers high quality, uniform and controlled light over the entire surface of the worktop, without flickering or risk of glare.
The diffusing plate is machined in a specific way to obtain a high luminous efficiency, uniform and controlled.
It offers users optimal comfort and well-being in their daily environment. The family of devices perfectly meets the lighting needs of individual, semi-collective or collective workstations, regardless of the spaces where they will be installed.
An essential complement to the layout of spaces, wall lights have been developed to provide additional lighting intended for circulation areas, common areas or as a back-up in large offices.
Tréma pendant lights stand out for the finesse and purity of their flat, linear profile. The electrical connection via the fixing cables does not require any additional power cable and accentuates the feeling of lightness of the suspension in space