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LUCERA Customizable Modular System

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Completion Date 2022
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Entry Description

The LUCERA event pole range was developed to provide extreme flexibility in illuminating of modern urban spaces that can flow through exterior environments providing illumination for safety, efficiency, and versatility. The LUCERA range is a fully customizable modular system in height, optical distribution, and adjustability.

This minimal square form factor is available in 2 pole heights, 1 bollard, and 7 luminaire assembly options. LUCERA is a completely customizable modular system with both fixed and adjustable positions, 9 optical distributions including Types I–VS for path and street lighting illumination, 4 static color temperatures or Tunable White and RGBW dynamic lighting, and 6 standard finishes.

One of the largest advantages to the adjustable LUCERA version is its optical versatility within the 7 luminaire assembly options and flexibility with multiple projector optics. This allows for different beam angles depending on the needs of the surrounding environments.
Every pole can be equipped with 4, 6 or 8 total projectors positioned on two axes or on all 4 axes for maximum project flexibility.
Every luminaire has the ability to be shifted to either side of the pole and rotated by 359° vertical tilt rotation with variable luminaire positions, flush or extracted. In addition, each luminaire optic can be externally rotated by +/-20° horizontal pan rotation.