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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company OCL Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Andrew Schainker
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Entry Description

Neo’s fully luminous shade provides visual presence with soft, uniform illumination, and optimal 60/40 distribution Its curved, attractive optical design supplies outstanding efficacy and visual comfort with minimal glare.

The concept for Neo was born from the notion of rethinking what a general illumination decorative pendant could or should be. Neo’s refined bell-shaped diffuser is soft and supple, designed to feel at home in a multitude of spaces and settings. The surface of the shade is fully luminous with a subtle and graceful gradient that helps define the soft form and curves.

Ideal for decorative or general illumination, Neo can be used to light the entire room from a single source, with extremely low surface luminous intensity. This approach that where possible, eliminates the added cost and environmental impact of supplemental lighting.

Neo is also suitable for damp locations, and can be the core luminaire in mid-door or transitional applications where windows, doors, walls can be opened to the exterior.

Neo is at home in a vast array of building verticals, room shapes, and aesthetic styles – education, healthcare, office, multi-family, retail… You get the point – it can be used almost anywhere, in any application, decorative or general.

Expand it’s usage in mid-door & transitional settings where spaces can be opened to bring the inside, outside.