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Bring Me Back

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Brooke Lane
Lead Designers Brooke Lane
Client Red Onion
Photo Credits Jocelyn Krodman
Completion Date 08/03/22
Project Location Saugerties, NY
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Entry Description

This light fixture was designed for a restaurant that resides in an 1800s farmhouse. The client wanted a fixture that elevated the space and created ambience in the room. My objective was to not only meet my client's needs but also to make something that was totally unique, that gave a nod to the past, that integrated work by a local maker, and used recycled materials. This was all accomplished through the antique inspired frame, the glass pieces cut and soldered by a local maker, incorporating recycled mirror, and aging all the brass by hand. The challenges were not knowing the exact sizes of some some of the components I needed (a lot of returns!).
Technological and/or material innovation: Four rows of stained glass and mirror surrounding one bulb.
Environment impact: The use of recycled materials - the mirror came from thrown away mirrors.