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Katia Collection

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Karim Rashid Inc.
Lead Designers Karim Rashid
Client DelightFULL
Photo Credits Courtesy of DelightFULL
Completion Date February, 2, 2022
Project Location Global
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Entry Description

We live in the age of casualism. In the non-stop connectivity of our digital age, there is a blurring of all social and human behaviors which creates this new casual age in which we live. Home is now work, sanctuary, school, restaurant, and movie theater. The Kasual collection I would refer to as casual luxury with fabrics and details that are rich yet there is a minimal simple softness and ease where new comforts prevail. Our home furnishings must take on greater importance to support our life with comfort, ergonomics, and contemporary inspiration!

I’ve always been interested in softening our physical landscape and showing the world how a contemporary world can be warm, human, and pleasurable. I think this philosophy translates well into the Katia Collection. The metallic top adds some luxury while the chunky forms inject humor into the design.

Glass is my favorite material because it has endless opportunities for creativity and new forms. The Katia lighting collection is like a constellation of infinite possibilities whether it be singular or clustered; in the living room, dining room, or bedroom.