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Polyp Table Lamp

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Justin Bailey Design
Lead Designers Justin Bailey
Photo Credits Justin Bailey
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location Bloomington, Indiana, USA
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Entry Description

The Polyp Lamps feature the design’s assembly as ornament in a series of table and pendant lighting. Paper volumes function as shades for LED lights and snap together with tabbed construction applied to soft, voluminous and organic forms. The series is designed and built incorporating parametric programming and laser cutting, yet follow a longstanding tradition of tactile paper in lighting.

Design materials include Yupo Paper, Recycled PET-G Plastic, and an LED light engine. There is little need for hardware and no glues as the Polyp form and 3D printed base snap together with simple tabbed connections. The lamps are dimmable, ranging up to 800 lumens and are soft white at 2700K in temperature.

The Polyps draw from natural forms such as fruits, vegetables and deep sea life, contemplating the converging similarities we see among fauna from such disparate locales. Playful without becoming demanding, the lamps are an expressive vision of a hopeful future, one in which we learn to live among irregularity and organic form, of fantastical science fiction brimming in expanding, growing and glowing forms finding themselves somewhere between botanic and sputnik, disco and digital.