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Ábaco Mesa Bold 2

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company LightDesign + Exporlux
Lead Designers Alberth Murta
Client Light Design + Exporlux
Photo Credits Leo de Brito
Other Credits Alberth Murta
Completion Date 01\2022
Project Location Brasil
Company Link View
Entry Description

Table lamp composed of three opened domes. Produced in aluminum with liquid paint for a superior finish.

The Ábaco collection project started, first, with the idea of creating modular luminaires that allowed a wide variety of layouts. In this feasibility exercise, the graphic idea of the abacus emerged. It is an object that is very connected to the creative and logical universe. It is a tool used for learning and we create a bond with it linked to our ability to solve challenges.

This lamp has the availability of two color temperatures and potency.