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AR70 PRO Ceiling Light

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Stella Imp. E Exp. De Luminárias Ltda
Lead Designers Lisandro Berlitz, Fernando Berlitz, Eduardo Fiori
Other Designer's names and Team
Client Stella Imp. e Exp. de Luminárias LTDA
Completion Date November 30, 2022
Project Location Brazil
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Entry Description

The AR70 PRO with a 7° beam angle and 8.200cd was designed and developed from start to finish seeking to redefine the concept of light intensity in LED directional lamps. The product features a full uniform body with thinner edges, uniting design and functionality and creating high quality ambients. AR70 PRO has a floating deflector, which reduces glare and increases candelas value by 4 times when compared with the current AR70 EVO.
The AR70 PRO is distinguished by the quality of the light effect, added to its elegant design that combines functionality and aesthetics in products with a clean look. The line contemplates different beam angle configurations, including 7°, 14°, and 24°, each one offered in 3 different color temperature options: 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K, which makes the product suitable for all the projects.