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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lucifer Lighting Company
Lead Designers Lucifer Lighting Company
Entry Description

Atomos comes in 2 sizes, 1" or 2" aperture but delivers a considerable amount of light with no glare. The 2" aperture delivers up to 900 delivered lumens while maintaining grace in the ceiling. The 1" aperture delivers roughly 500 delivered lumens and seamlessly disappears in the ceiling, without causing any glare. Atomos is unique for many different reasons. First, the product is By America, meaning that over 70% of the components come from America. Secondly, we created retention wheels, which are able to accommodate .5-2" ceiling, without having to specify what the exactly ceiling height it. The retention wheels make it very easy to install the fixture and you do not need to worry about light leak. All maintenance, and install takes place through the 2 inch opening of the downlight (regardless if you want the 1" or 2"). Lastly, we have created an Adjustable Zoom Optic which is a propriety optic that allows the designer to adjust the beam angle on sight from 24 degrees - 48 degrees, in 6 degree increments.