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SBS | Smart Bus Shelter

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Smart Era Lighting Systems
Lead Designers James Otteson
Other Designer's names Rafael Badilla, Garrett Higgins
Photo Credits James Otteson
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Entry Description

All across the USA, bus shelters have stayed the same for decades. There have been no widespread technological advancements or new considerations for the passengers or the city itself. SELS aims to change all of that with the SBS - Smart Bus Shelter. This shelter pushes the envelope but utilizes a modular system letting you expand the shelter with 3ft segments powered by its own 450-watt bi-facial solar panel. Each segment is connected by a steel extrusion housing a powerful light bar and solar panel integrators. Featuring ultra-discreet surveillance systems, wifi, advertisement space, BlueTooth speakers for transit announcements, AC power banks, USB-C and USB device charging, and wireless charging pads for every passenger.
The SBS is highly customizable with cold and warm weather variants, made possible by its patented assembly method. All the shelter pieces are stacked and assembled by simply fitting and bolting the extrusions together. Designed with a "Muted Modern" style, this shelter simultaneously stands out while fitting into any city's aesthetic. Balancing good design and innovative rider accommodations makes SELS's SBS a must for a culture hub looking to modernize.