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Designer TPS 5

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Pharos Architectural Controls
Lead Designers Clarence Faulkner
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Entry Description

The innovative TPS 5 is an elegant update on the original TPS (Touch Panel Station), combining ergonomics and aesthetics with functionality. It features a seamless, uninterrupted glass plate that looks as refined as the touch experience itself.
The 5” capacitive touchscreen is not only larger than its predecessor, but also more vivid and responsive, with smoother transitions and pleasing multi-point contact, allowing sliders to be moved and buttons pressed simultaneously.

With its fully customisable user interface, the TPS 5 gives users free rein to choose which controls they want, how they want them to look, and how they want them to respond. The interface, created in the Designer 2 software, can include presets, manual overrides and personalised colour pickers. Multiple touch devices can be combined with one or more Pharos controllers on the same network – up to 40 controllers and 200 remote devices – so users can build the best system for their installation.
The mounting – a key element of the redesign – presents a universal, toolless solution that can be fitted to a wide range of regulation backboxes, including UK, US and EU. The bayonet twist system offers secure fastening and keeps the Micro SD card securely out of reach.

The TPS 5 brings touch panels in lighting control up to date with sophisticated touch technologies and sets a new bar for the industry.