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Aura Lighting System

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Magma Build Studios
Lead Designers Aric Wanveer
Photo Credits A. Wanveer
Completion Date 07/01/2022
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Entry Description

The “Aura” Lighting system creates an experience, and transforms the room not just illuminates it. Sculpting both matter and light, we meld the fixture, lighting, and space through custom tailored design. The “Aura” fixtures are at home in any environment; and are made in-house at our hot-glass shop and fabrication facilities. There is an impressive spectrum of options with handblown glass lenses, or the newly developed “Aura” dichroic lenses which create a splendid ambiance. Each “Aura” is unique to the project; the light colors, fixture configuration, and applications are all thoughtfully suited to each location large or small. Our bespoke modular design is made using an efficient CNC batch fabrication process saving resources, production time, and cost with incredible flexibility in design for each project. This all coalesces together producing artisan quality craftsmanship and enlightening beauty elevating the appearance of the space and the mood of the people in it.