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3D LED Flex 40 System - RGBW and Tunable-white with mini colour-blending optics

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Radiant Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers David Morgan
Photo Credits © Radiant Architectural Lighting Ltd. 2022
Completion Date January 2022
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Entry Description

The 3D LED Flex 40 System with mini colour-blending optics is a high-power, modular, 3D Flexible LED linear lighting system, developed for use in a wide variety of architectural lighting projects requiring cove lighting, wall grazing and wall wash lighting where the building surfaces are non-linear with curved profiles and facades. The patented articulated ball-joint system joining the heat sinks allows the system to bend and twist in 3 dimensions. IP20, IP66, and IP68 versions are available.

Each 100mm heat sink module combines a customisable RGBW or Tunable-white light-engine with one of Gaggione’s new range of 32mm diameter colour-blending lenses.

Each light-engine comprises a cluster of 4x Luxeon LEDs. Custom combinations of colour LEDs and white-light LEDs of any colour temperature can be specified. The system can be run at up to 50 Watts per mtr, producing up to 4,000 Lumens per mtr.

The new Gaggione lenses incorporate patented color mixing technology and allow unmatched compromise between tight beam angles and mixing homogeneity.

The components of the submersible IP68 version are cast in 316 L stainless steel and are suitable for use in saline and chlorine environments.