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The L34

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Industrial Design Team at RAB Lighting
Lead Designers Glen Oross, Peter On
Client Rab Lighting Inc.
Completion Date September 2021
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Entry Description

The L34 demonstrates how thoughtful design can positively contribute to a product’s sustainability and the overall user experience.
The is L34 compact and lightweight to reduce space, fuel, and packaging used in shipping. The L34’s components are efficiently organized in the main body. The LED panels on each side fold against the central housing during shipping. In this way, the L34 ships in a box which is 65% smaller than those of traditional high-bay fixtures, while adhering to an industry standard footprint. Moreover, the L34 weighs approximately 60% less than other traditional high bay fixtures—a benefit felt in shipping and by installation technicians.
To further reduce environmental impacts, the L34’s design cuts material consumption by eliminating unnecessary parts, and by producing the fixture with up to 30% leftover re-melted plastic from our own production process—material that would otherwise be thrown away.
To advance benefits felt by the consumer, the articulating wings are also designed for customizable light distribution: the LEDs can be set to five different angles maximizing control and adjustability.