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The Red Bridge

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Wink Lighting Ltd
Lead Designers Aimee Corcoran
Architecture Company Darmody Architecture
Client Dublin Port Authority
Photo Credits Enda Cavanagh photography
Completion Date January 2022
Project Location Dublin Port, Dublin, Ireland
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Entry Description

The bridge has a distinct robust design and was highlighted using a wave of dappled luminaires. These are connected to a tidal sensor, so when the tide is high, the lights sparkle brighter and inversely when the tide is low, the light levels dim. This brings a connection to the moon, to the sea and reminds us that the goods inwards and out ebbs and flows. The face was lit using 4 projectors with gobo shutters to perfectly frame the structure without light spill onto the upper deck and road below.
The elegant ribbed underbelly of the bridge was lit using 8 projectors neatly installed in between each truss for minimal disruption of clean lines seen on the bridge. These have integrated honeycomb lenses to further reduce glare for passing users.
The overpass was lit using cleverly placed linear wall washers underneath the top rail of the crash barrier further promoting an integrated design. All fittings are dimmable to ensure efficiency, sustainability and flexibility of lighting levels. All fittings are RGBW which means the bridge can be linked to other city buildings in case of special events further promoting a connection to the city which surrounds the port.