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Nest Boutique Hotel

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Dark Source
Lead Designers Kerem Asfuroglu
Architecture Company Ceren Emir + Ayse Kuseyri Architects
Client Nest Construction
Photo Credits Mehmet Aslan
Completion Date 10.01.2022
Project Location Antakya, Turkey
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Entry Description

Located in the heart of Antakya's historic old town, this classic example of an 18th century Ottoman home is revitalised as a boutique hotel.

The aim was to recapture the historic & domestic ambiance once created by the light seeping into the courtyard from the interiors. As a result, exterior lighting was considered judiciously, mainly allowed through doors and windows, creating a playful contrast and a distinct night-time identity. No lighting was applied to the facades to evoke the memory of the place that it was & still is a home for its visitors. The welcoming warmth radiating from the rooms also helped with the ambition of keeping the light pollution to a minimum.

Interior lighting was achieved in a manner sympathetic to the heritage fabric, aiming to enhance materiality and textures. In addition to the ambient illumination provided by the traditional use of chandeliers. Seamlessly-integrated linear lighting and contemporary track spots were utilised to emphasise the unique features of the architecture whilst introducing a clear distinction between the old & the new. The use of warm, glare-free & mostly non-directional illumination led to an intimate & welcoming character.