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Crown Tower Sydney

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company FPOV
Lead Designers Bernie Tan-Hayes
Other Designer's names Mark Elliot, Stefano Veglia, Fransiska Laksmono, Linsey Walker, Jinmu Li, Ana Spina, Juliani
Architecture Company Wilkinson Eyre
Interior Design Company Myer Davis
Client Crown Sydney Property
Photo Credits Brent Winstone
Completion Date 02/2021
Project Location Sydney
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Entry Description

Imagine developing the lighting scheme for a 6-star Hotel with 350 rooms, 13 unique F&B areas, 3 gaming facilities, a luxurious Spa, outdoor and indoor recreational facilities and 80 private apartments, collaborating with designers located all over the world and having construction running through a global pandemic.

This is Crown Towers Sydney. Through the challenges came a result that is a spectacular resort which quickly became a benchmark in the Hospitality sector worldwide.

We were fortunate to collaborate with international design firms like Wilkinson Eyre, Meyer Davis, Blainey North and Studio PCH to name a few. Thanks to our extended experience in the hospitality sector and the ability to implement our vast resources at critical phases of the project, we were able to deliver outstanding results across the entire resort.