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MIT Museum Exhibition Lighting

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tillotson Design Associates
Lead Designers Tillotson Design Associates; Erin Dreyfous, Noor Traboulsi, Trinetra Manickavasagam
Architecture Company Studio Joseph
Client MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Photo Credits Alex Fradkin
Completion Date 9/22/22
Project Location Boston, MA
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Entry Description

The exhibition lighting for the MIT Museum enhances the innovative and technology-driven experience for patrons as they move through the various gallery spaces. Working with the base building track mounting system, integral LED track lighting is utilized with zoom-capable optics and onboard dimming for optimal flexibility with the rotation of exhibition displays. Framing projectors are mixed in where needed to illuminate specific graphics and elements without interfering with the high volume of digital media screens. Feature lighting is thoughtfully integrated into specific exhibition pieces to guide museum guests through the intended sequence of displays and to call attention to special, interactive moments. Low light level requirements were counteracted at the primary display wall with a three-dimensional halo of light that frames every unique exhibition piece. Layers of accent lighting and wallwashers are carefully focused to highlight key art pieces and to provide general illumination for the public lobby and larger gathering spaces.