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Mjódd - A new meeting place

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Liska
Lead Designers Örn Erlendsson and Guðjón L. Sigurðsson
Architecture Company Landmótun
Interior Design Company N/A
Client City of Reykjavík
Photo Credits Örn Erlendsson
Other Credits Reykjavik Art Museum and Erró
Completion Date December 2021
Project Location Reykjavík, Iceland
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Entry Description

The project consists of three adjacent squares in area which is an important meeting place. Lighting was upgraded on the squares and adjacent paths by careful selection of lighting fixtures to increase safety and visual comfort. Lighting was also optimized to create an interactive visual experience using RGB lights, light art projections, and a sculpture with integrated lighting. The main goal of the sculpture was to create a landmark which would encourage people of all ages to engage and to be enjoyed during day and night. The lighting design also consists of under bench lighting, RGB lighting on trees to create vivid shadow projections on adjacent facades, and inground lighting programmed to change colour based on national holidays and events. Colorful seats in the shapes of tulips have been placed at the most sunlit locations. As night falls, RGB lights flood the area, turning visitors and urban furniture into art. One of the lighting masts is equipped with a 32 amp event receptacle which offers possibility for easy set-up of events and gatherings. Finally, in collaboration with Reykjavik Art Museum, artwork is projected on an entrance door on one of the squares.