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State Park Sumidouro

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Alalux
Lead Designers Norah Turchetti
Other Designer's names Donato Turchetti Conte
Client Lhoist Group
Photo Credits Norah Turchetti
Completion Date November 2021
Project Location Nossa Senhora do Rosário St. - Lapinha - Lagoa Santa - Minas Gerais - Brasil
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Entry Description

The Sumidouro State Park is an Integral Protection Conservation Unit, with an area of 2000 hectares and its main objectives are the preservation of the historical, cultural, scientific, and natural heritage existing in the region, such as the caves and cave paintings.

In the park, there are the Lapinha Cave and the Peter Lund Museum. It is a region of limestone geological features and extreme archaeological importance because there have been found fossils of what would be the first human being to have lived in the Americas: Luzia.

The fossils found in this area have been studied by danish Dr Peter Lund (1801-1880), considered the father of paleontology and archeology in Brazil. There is possible to find cave paintings that are 4,000 years old. About 157 archaeological sites and 35 caves have been catalogued in this area.

The lighting project concept consisted in creating a place to enchant and inspire visitors in sporadic cultural events at night, in addition to referring to and honouring Dr Lund’s excavations by using amber and red colours in specific points and, as specified by the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, causing no harm to the local fauna, made up mostly of bats.