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Gene Leahy Mall, Omaha Riverfront Revitalization

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Atelier Ten
Lead Designers Joshua Spitzig
Other Designer's names Chad Groshart, Nick DeSordi, Chelsea Kreielsheimer, Shengzi Vivien Gu, Gillian Wright
Architecture Company OJB Landscape Architecture
Client Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority (MECA)
Photo Credits Ryan Fischer, Joshua Spitzig
Other Credits FoxFlight Drone Video
Completion Date July 2022
Project Location Omaha, Nebraska
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Entry Description

The design team was tasked with revitalizing Gene Leahy Mall, a green oasis in downtown Omaha. Each area of the redesigned park has a unique purpose and personality. The team collaborated closely to ensure that the daytime character of each space was expressed at night while creating a safe and welcoming evening destination. Seasonally-changing colored lights create strategic focal points throughout the park. The performance pavilion is inspired by the ever-changing Nebraska sky, while the colors of the stone arch are based on the local plants and flowers in the park. The lawn sculpture is lit with complementary colors to intensify its hues while simultaneously revealing its undulating form. Visual comfort was identified as a critical element, so all fixtures are dimmable and low-glare to preserve night vision. Accents and area lights use custom integral louvers and glare shields while much of the park’s lighting is integrated into structures to provide low-level illumination at play equipment, shade canopies, benches, and more.
Thanks in part to thoughtful lighting, the updated park has been embraced by locals and has welcomed enthusiastic crowds both day and night since reopen