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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company California Outdoor Lighting
Lead Designers Anthony Bogdanovich
Client South Coast Botanic Garden Foundation
Photo Credits Anthony Bogdanovich / Nick Bogdanovich
Completion Date 11/15/2020
Project Location South Coast Botanic Gardens
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Entry Description

Garden Lights / Ocean Waters or GLOW is an annual art exhibit created specifically for the South Coast Botanic Gardens. This exhibit runs from mid November to mid January of every year.

Installation included over 2400 static and color changing low voltage fixtures, 14 high lumen projectors, individually addressable LEDs and various other lighting effects.

There were many different displays, each had its own theme and was paired with music that fit that theme for a full experience.

One theme was “Bubble Lane”, which included over 100 color changing acrylic spheres of different sizes. These were paired with over 350 low voltage directional lights and was accompanied by 4 high output bubble machines that filled the area with iridescent bubbles. The colored light from spheres and directional lighting reflected off of the bubbles to create rainbow effects overhead.

The scale of this project created many complex challenges and was a learning experience to see how different colors effected different plant materials.

Glow was designed and created for people of all ages to enjoy.