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Suzhou Creek Sakura Valley

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company tungsten studio
Lead Designers Ming Zhong, Rong Wu, Xinzhu Tao
Client Huangpu District Landscape Lighting Institute
Entry Description

The lighting design of Sakura Valley contains a complete story line. The overall control system links the call of the scene to create a quiet and artistic light and shadow space along the Suzhou Creek,where local people call it "mother lake" of Shanghai. The design penetrates the light and shadow into the space to form a romantic atomas. The flower paht with colorful projectors, the corner jungle with quiet fireflies, the architectural projection show of "poetry and elegant music", and the feature life tree with customized butterflies constitute a stage play with rich levels of light. Here, light and shadow crisscross and fold, as if time and space pass through. In the coastal plants, the customized butterfly lights, fireflies and other customized lights are used to create an immersive experience, combined with the fog machine and other feature lights to create an interactive landscape of swaying light and shadow, making people feel like walking on a forest path filled with water in the city. The lighting on the building is like the background of the valley, the projection on the facade also changes with the theme of during the festival.