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How dark is the night?- Illumination of the Botanical Garden in Wroclaw.

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Wroclaw
Lead Designers Magdalena Zienowicz (chief designer), Zygmunt Kacki (project manager), Kinga Sadowska (designer)
Other Designer's names Janusz Stanczyk, Ewa Podhajska, Aleksandra Lis(socio-environmental research), Agnieszka Jakóbiak
Client The Botanical Garden in Wroclaw
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Wroclaw, POLAND
Entry Description

The illumination of the Botanical Garden is an example of “lacing” emotional ties between people, the city and nature.
The aesthetics is created by nature itself, which is composed in terms of corridors and rooms of landscapes. Some of them were visually connected to the panoramas of the surrounding monuments to strengthen the perspective and construct structural links between the planes and the illuminated elements. The main purpose of light is to guide the observer according to the line of feeling, designed in the form of a loop. It is the act of landscape perception in harmony with the line of feelings, associated with the overlapping of different brightness levels, gradients, shadows, depth and a hierarchy of planes. The line of feelings is accompanied by mood, which is created primarily through contrast, rhythm and asymmetry. The project shows the city inspired by nature during night time. We have revealed a masterpiece of nature that can be discovered in every city - if not on the Botanical Garden scale then, at least, on the scale of a park fragment, a square or a single tree.