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GuangMing Vision

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Shenzhen Qianhai Lucent Lighting Design and Consulting Ltd.
Lead Designers Zhao Ning, Nicolas Godelet, Zhuang Yongwen
Other Designer's names ZhangTing, Wang BinJu
Architecture Company Nicolas GODELET Architects & Engineers SPRL
Client City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau of ShenZhen / IDG
Photo Credits IDG, Shenzhen Qianhai Lucent Lighting Design and Consulting Ltd.
Completion Date 2022.2.28
Project Location GuangMing Disctrict, Shenzhen, China
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Entry Description

“GuangMing Vision”installation, 15 groups of triangular cones are arranged in the Civic Square of Guangming District, expressing its natural features through abstract geometry figures.Each triangular cone forms a light force system through the tension structure.The LED light strip is attached to the tension structure in the form of contour lines, forming a modern linear geometric art,with a strong sense of magic, mystery, technology and future.

GuangMing vision emphasizes the bottom-level thinking of art. Art should not be placed on the shelf and everyone is an artist.

This installation is led by the artist and completed by the people. It breaks people's cognitive boundaries of art, gathers everyone's inspiration. The artists only propose a structural form,while the overall artistic structure and final artistic appeal are completed by every participants, including designers, professional painters and artists, security personnel, builders of the city, grandparents with grandchildren, mothers with daughters,travelers with suitcases and the public.

Every city and venue has its character.Art is created for the site, with the site, for the people, with the people.