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Kampoeng Seafood

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company ENP Design Consultant
Lead Designers Endrawan Nimpuno Soesijanto
Other Designer's names Dyah Paramitha
Architecture Company Agung Sedayu Group
Interior Design Company Agung Sedayu Group
Client Agung Sedayu Group
Photo Credits Nilai Asia
Other Credits Artyan Trihandono
Completion Date January 2022
Project Location Sedayu City Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Entry Description

“Kampoeng Seafood” (Seafood Village) is a unique seafood tenants located in Sedayu City, Jakarta. The lighting design ideas is to elevate this foodcourt by combining under the sea atmosphere and traditional "kampoeng" vibe.
The main attraction is ornaments of sea creatures (fish and jellyfish) in various sizes made by local craftsman & artist using traditional handmade rattan material and fabrics. Linear LED are used inside the ornaments and covered by translucent fabric material to soften the effect. We suggested RGBW lighting color effect with essence of the freshness of deep sea color hue and colorful sea creatures.
There is additional design property such as custom fishnet under the roof to catch the light effect from linear LED attached on custom suspended hanging bar system underneath and linear grazer luminaire from both side of under roof. DMX control system is used to provide dynamic atmosphere of under the sea. As for the main task light for dining area, the custom hanging bar system also used as platform to integrate adjustable track spotlight. These layers of light impressively provide vibrant yet elegant festivity ambiance for the guest within this casual foodcourt.