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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Challenge Your Imagination (CYI Studio)
Lead Designers Asher Young
Other Designer's names Angeline Wang (Studio Producer)
Client Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Photo Credits Marlon Co
Other Credits Creative Culture
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Brooklyn Botanical Garden
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Entry Description

Pathways is a laser installation series that uses light to make visible the invisible connections specific to the community and environment of a given site.

Gardens are inherently architected places created by people for people — what natural architecture exists underneath?

Expanding on the function of botanic gardens as crafted environments for connecting people to nature and drawing inspiration from the natural unseen networks that connect plants, a series of laser pathways illuminates the landscape on winter evenings.

Pathways draws inspiration from Suzanne Simard's ecological research on resource-sharing mycorrhizal networks in forests to connect a series of trees of varying sizes in the garden with lines of light, symbolizing how forests can function as a single organism.

A 33 watt laser beam was bounced off mirrors weaving through the garden.

AJ Seabeck, Alan Gomberg, Chad Timinskis


Alky Pahis, Arnold Sitruk, Carrie Kennedy, Christopher Wren, Emma Henderson, Gary Campbell, Jody Kuh, Marciel Greene, Zoe Bottrell


Alexa Cassaro, Allan George, Elizabeth Reina-Longoria, Katie Pidgeon, Nora Carvajal, Ronnit Bendavid-Val