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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company ETERNAL Art Space
Lead Designers Tomoyuki Soramoto, Saeko Ehara, Shuta Yasukochi.
Client Noor Riyadh
Project Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Entry Description

The collective artists strive to promote the dissemination of art and culture while developing the ""creativity generated by digital technology"" in areas such as electronic music and audiovisual art. Using the latest in projection equipment and sound systems, they aim to provide a unique aesthetically-infused experience encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in art itself, while surrounded by images and sound.

Projection, sound design, art and technology are beautifully intertwined to challenge how viewers see contemporary art and the environment around us."
This project “Hika-Rakuyo” is a Japanese idiom that translates to “scattering flowers and falling leaves” – and, metaphorically, suggests the transience of life. It is the inspiration for the installation Being and Nothing – What Is Not There, Is Actually There for You to See – , in which petals unfurl in the early morning mist, blossoms fall in the spring’s gentle breeze, and leaves turn into a riot of colors under the autumn sun. Under the spell of the music, the work presents the two elements – “Hika" (scattering flowers) and “Rakuyo” (falling leaves) – to remind viewers of the impermanence of life, in the most serene of ways.