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Apparatus MUMs

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Design One Lighting Design
Lead Designers Christien Methot
Interior Design Company Apparatus Studio
Client PSA Creative
Photo Credits Design One Lighting Design
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location New York, NY
Company Link View
Entry Description

When NYC-based luxury furnishing design firm Apparatus Studio opens a showroom, it's never an ordinary event. The lighting design added dimension, mystique, and splendor to the opening weekend of the new Act Four line of furnishings in the form of a speakeasy jazz show. Against the backdrop of brown crushed velvet carpet and benches, hundreds of yellow and pink chrysanthemums lined the showroom-turned performance space, lit with the perfect balance to make them the main attraction without making them wilt. Lights brought a glimmer to the cocktail glasses at the bar, where invitees gathered to see Apparatus’ new line before going to the jazz stage. In front of Apparatus lighting fixtures and floor-to-ceiling bead chain swept with scalloped beams of light, jazz duo The Baylor Project stepped onstage. The lighting followed the signer and soloists during the first act, and during the second, was reduced to a whisper, reminiscent of a classy speakeasy from ages ago. In the finale, the lead singer revealed a jewel-studded bodysuit, emphasized by a single backlight, creating a dazzling effect around the room. The lighting gave the event magic and wonder, making the experience a success.