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SOR School of Rock Panamby

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Studio ió Arquitetura & Lighting Design
Lead Designers Carolina Ciola Fonseca
Architecture Company Studio ió Arquitetura & Lighting Design
Interior Design Company Studio ió Arquitetura & Lighting Design
Client School of Rock Panamby - Larissa De Lello
Photo Credits Marcelo Kahn
Other Credits Omega Light
Completion Date June 2021
Project Location Sao Paulo
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Entry Description

SOR Panamby is a rock music school for children from the age of 2 years old, located in a residential neighborhood, in a building with 02 floors and basement, with 360m2.
There are 10 classrooms, 01 rehearsal room, 02 lounges, administrative room, bathrooms, pantry and reception. Acoustic walls, acoustic islands, vinyl flooring in rooms and cemented in other areas, acoustic panels and velvet curtains. The colors used are red, yellow, black, dark gray and lilac.
We developed luminaires with tube led, 4,000K, 18W, 1850 lm, with 03 or 02 tube lamp in all classrooms, corridors, reception, rehearsal room and stairs. This luminaire was developed, as they could not shake with the frequency of musical instruments and air conditioning equipment during classes and rehearsals.
The rehearsal room also received a rail with RGB projectors.
The ground floor lounge received 03 pendant lights and 01 sconce and the first floor lounge received a clothesline light.
The little wings room received a pendant 4.000K, difuse, 800lm.
The staircase received 4,000K pendant and a wall sconce, 2.700K.
On the facade, floor recessed illuminate
the gabion wall stones 2.700K, logo luminous and box letters 5.700K.