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Congress Plaza Lighting

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company CLL . Concept Lighting Lab
Lead Designers Claudia Kappl-Joy
Other Designer's names Trevor Cordivari, Siri Trumble
Architecture Company Repp + Mclain Design and Construction
Client Hotel Congress - Shana & Richard Oseran
Photo Credits Logan Havens
Completion Date 2019/2020
Project Location Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Entry Description

For their centennial celebration the owners of Hotel Congress attempted several improvements around the significant location in the heart of Tucson downtown, which is active 24/7, 7 days a week.

Improvements involved the redesign and work of the plaza, including a food truck, bar, stage and plaza lighting.

Reaching the public thru designing, directing the atmosphere on a civic application, and ensuring safety while guiding the mood for both the individual experience and business operation, was both fun and challenging.

For the Congress Plaza Lighting we focused on the center block surrounding the Historic Hotel structure and its perimeter.
By refinishing the historic street poles in an elegant black paint-finish, retrofitting the multi color frosted globes with high grade polyurethane smoked clear globes fitted with 4W dimmable LED retrofit E27 Bulbs, allowed us to meet the Tucson Outdoor Lighting Code and meet the required illuminance levels at eye and street level.

Loved by client and user, the feedback coined the lighting, mood and ambiance as ‘Sexy’.