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Villa 98, West Road New District

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers BoGao
Interior Design Company DAMO DESIGN
Photo Credits DAMO DESIGN
Completion Date 2022.5
Project Location Jingdezhen, China
Entry Description

Returning to the humanistic sentiment of the city itself, following the traditional cultural connotation, combining the oriental mood with modern human living, forming a space form that is both outdoor landscape and full of unique flavor.

The first floor space revolves around the residents' social and living life, with a floor-to-ceiling glass window that brings in the outdoor courtyard view. The living room, dining room and kitchen area are kept borderless. The modern design material language and the layout plan are developed with modern design thinking, in which the quiet oriental poetry is felt. The living room, dining room and kitchen area are separated by no boundaries.

The second floor space mainly provides the residents with their own independent activity areas, from the residents' real needs, to match their own identity, habits and preferences, to combine and match the exclusive living space.

The ecological sense held by nature brings new energy to the space and presents the villa living space in line with the current life and aesthetics.