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Groove Dance

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Transcendent Living Designs
Lead Designers Ding-Jia Chen/
Other Designer's names Yu-Chiao Chou
Interior Design Company Transcendent Living Designs
Photo Credits Ar Her Kuo Photography
Completion Date 2020/10/30
Project Location Taichung City
Entry Description

Groove comes from the rhythm, which includes the melody of high and low, strength and weakness, and the sense of rhythm that can make people relax, follow the vibe and flow of the music. In this apartment, the designer brings the rhythm of groove dance into the space with irregular curved lines, through the layered curved ceiling and sloping flooring pattern, creating a visual effect of groove in the space. The ceiling is designed with three different heights to improve the oppressiveness brought by the large beams, and to create a sense of visual rhythm on the fa├žade. In terms of space arrangement, the curved circular movement also brings convenience to daily life. Through lighting design and reflection of reflective materials, many white arcs overlap and extend infinitely in the space, creating a natural and lively dance effect and bringing out a modern sense of style. The left side of the master bedroom is also curved to create a gentle embrace around the bed. The bronze metallic material and blue reflective bandage create a dance floor-like effect. At night, with reflected dim light, it gives the space a sense of understated luxury.