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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Arshia Architects
Lead Designers Arshia Mahmoodi
Other Designer's names Arshia Mahmoodi / Xinlei Li / Yuheng Huang / Fang Cui / Ruby Wu / Zhishan Liu
Architecture Company Arshia Architects
Interior Design Company Arshia Architects
Client Mike Parsee
Photo Credits Paul Vu / Renee Parkhurst / Arshia Architects
Other Credits Builder: Domaen Build, Structural: BOLD Engineer & Assc, MEP: GMEP Engineers, Civil: Greystone Inc.
Completion Date 06/13/22
Project Location 1254 Roberto Ln, Bel Air, CA 90077
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Entry Description

Perched on a hilltop in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, overlooking the Los Angeles basin, the project gently lands a dynamic building on top of a buried podium that replicates the natural topography.
The project was informed by automotive design with concealed technologies to amplify the sensory performance of the architecture. The concept for the lighting of this project stemmed from this dialogue and to make all technologies invisible in favor of an ambient principle. The predominant use of linear and diffuse lighting provided a lucent shell with soft shadows contributing to the overarching scheme of occupant wellness.
Uniquely the use of diffused stretch fabric lighting in a residential project allowed an emboldened narrative for the lives of the inhabitants. The living room became a stage to not only to live functionally, but to deliver life performances with zest, passion, and purpose.
In other areas where emphasis on a subject was required, 20mm aperture pin lights were used, that seem entirely invisible until they are turned on.
All fenestration and glazing utilize a special filtered plate glass that provides an interior soft filtered light, against the backdrop of a harsh California sunlight. This allowed the daylighting of the house to be filtered to an optimal hue, so that colors are rendered in their best spectrum while reducing glare and reflections.