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Resource-saving light in a swirling shape at the Olympia Center Munich

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tobias Link GmbH
Lead Designers Tobias Link, Oliver Link
Other Designer's names Ulf Jelinek, Jochen Schröder
Architecture Company ECE Creative Design Architecture & Construction
Interior Design Company ECE Creative Design Architecture & Construction
Client ECE Olympia-Einkaufszentrum München
Photo Credits Tom Gundelwein
Other Credits nmd "Licht am Bau", Instalighting
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Germany Munich
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Entry Description

The lighting climate was designed in the spirit of "Human Centric Lighting" and was also deliberately made much more contrasting and varied. As this is a mall here a shopping experience is to be created, all decorative ceiling elements were designed in terms of lighting technology to create generous diffuse light areas on the ceiling, equipped with sufficient luminous fluxes to emulate the natural sky. These were supplemented with luminaires that produce brilliant directional light, thus imitating the proportion of direct sunlight from nature. All luminaires are equipped with mixing white light. The mixture of different types of light ensures that a vitalising and courteous lighting climate is created at all times. In terms of sustainability, all luminous ceilings have been designed in a new style. This completely eliminates the use of diffuser foils, because these become dirty over time and the quality of light decreases due to the ageing process. In our case, the light is generated in a gap and distributed over the entire surface via a specially shaped and coated reflector. The light gap is integrated into the reflector design in such a way that an observer cannot be glared.