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Angelo Gordon Headquarters 23rd Floor Renovation

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Cline Bettridge Bernstein
Lead Designers Francesca Bettridge, Renata Gallo, Amer Alchama
Architecture Company Stephen Yablon Architecture
Interior Design Company Stephen Yablon Architecture
Client Angelo Gordon & Co.
Photo Credits Michael Moran/OTTO
Completion Date 2021
Project Location New York, NY
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Entry Description

The lighting for this investment firm’s expansion is tech-driven and creates an appealing, collaborative environment for its youthful staff.

An open ceiling maximizes the room height, leading us to select an LED pendant system as the primary lighting. Customizable branching arms allowed us to create dynamic ceiling layouts and provide even illumination. The black armatures, seen against the white ceiling, require few supports and appear to float in the space. Small accent lights are integrated into the system to add highlights.

The use of a Power-over-Ethernet protocol allows for flexibility at 1ft increments. Output, dimming, and diagnostics are easily controlled and monitored for energy conservation.

Additional lighting elements provide visual interest:

Two rows of LED tape lights with grazing optics backlight the black screen wall that greets visitors.

A custom LED pendant mirrors the table shape in the main conference room, creating a unique gathering space.

Decorative wire-form pendants mark counters and tables, providing contrast with the branching pendants weaving through the space.

The design is so successful that the firm uses the floor as a recruitment tool.