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Pilmour House, St Andrews Links Trust Headquarters, Scotland, UK

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company dpa Lighting Consultants
Lead Designers Douglas Brennan, Partner, dpa lighting consultants
Architecture Company Nicoll Russell Studios, Scotland
Interior Design Company Nicoll Russell Studios, Scotland
Client St Andrews Links Trust
Photo Credits Keith Hunter Photography
Other Credits Elders Consulting Engineers LLP, Millard Consulting, Harrison Stevens
Completion Date July 2020
Project Location Scotland, UK
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Entry Description

We provided the lighting design for the interior, exterior facades, landscape and Gatehouse.

A design consideration maximised available daylight within the building, to minimise energy utilisation using unnecessary artificial lighting. This, along with the site constraints, informed the building’s form and orientation resulting in a relatively narrow building, optimising daylight penetration throughout the day. The provision of a lighting control system, linked to a daylight sensor, ensured daylight was optimised throughout the year with artificial lighting supplementing daylight as necessary. Artificial lighting automatically provides required illumination when daylight is insufficient, with manual scene over-ride capability to suit out of hours/late evening, localised operation.

The high percentage of glazing reveals the interior layout, its surfaces, and finishes. These surfaces are illuminated to support the natural lighting provision, as well as providing a night-time expression, establishing it within its setting. This is augmented with a minimum of exterior lighting applied to the building and integrated into the landscape to ensure safe circulation.

Artificial lighting is integrated into the fabric of the building internally and externally with a luminaire selection of minimal visibility and visual intrusion which enhances the overall experience of the spaces.