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Fukuyama University

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Takamasa Wakita
Architecture Company AXS SATOW INC
Client Fukuyama University
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Japan
Entry Description

A new campus has been completed at Fukuyama University in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.The lighting plan aimed to achieve both high functionality as a place for learning and comfort for creativity.
In the Learning Commons, which has a variety of functions, each area has its own unique lighting technique. Each lighting fixture provides the necessary illumination for learning while brightening the ceiling and creating an open atmosphere.
Around the atrium, line lighting that matches the architectural shape creates a visual connection between the floors without obstructing the line of sight. In addition, daylight sensors automatically adjust the output of all lighting to maintain comfortable brightness.
In the garden in front of the building, a variety of lighting techniques are used to create several circles of light, creating a lively atmosphere on campus and a space for student interaction.Exterior lighting of the building was planned so that interior light would naturally flood the building rather than illuminate it from the outside. The openings create a layer of light that creates an impressive expression and conveys the interior activity to the entire campus.