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A Continuous Flow

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company L Radiance Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Meng Bin Wu
Other Designer's names Ryan Ko
Photo Credits Shu Fu Yang
Completion Date 2022.04.01
Project Location Changhua County, Taiwan
Entry Description

Lighting plays an essential part in space. “When light fills a room, it satisfies the user’s need for light and enlightens the whole area. This is a project of lighting planning for an office space. As the office is a space for creating profit, the shape of a river is deliberately introduced into the design, reflecting the oriental concept of the flow of people, cars, and fortune.
The 60-meter-long river is used as the main focus of the lighting design and is installed on the ceiling, creating a sense of three-dimensionality, dynamics, and layers. Through a simple and delicate linear arrangement of light pipes and a three-dimensional design approach, the designer creates a modern and sleek style that gives the impression that there is nothing like a regular and boring office. Through the designer’s ingenuity, the geometric aesthetics are combined with the side-by-side display of lamps to show a harmonious and artistic aesthetic. The Oriental feng shui culture is introduced into the design concept, and the image of water, which symbolizes the flow of life and wealth, is presented as an endless river-like image for the arrangement of the lamps, allowing the auspiciousness to flow in the space. By doing so, the designer produces a modern and fashionable shape and represents good luck for the company.