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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company YAANK Lighting Design
Lead Designers Ke Yang
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Entry Description

The luminaire imitates skylight form and placed on the side against the glass façade, which makes it appear that the light is coming from outside the window, even when looking up to see the luminaire, there is a sense of what appears to be a skylight. This deceptive sensory experience that satisfies both visual and psychological needs and helps to improve concentration, reduce stress, etc., leading to increased productivity and creativity.
Biological photoreceptors are located mainly in the lower half of the retina, and for non-visual perception, incident light from roughly -15° to +45° in the horizontal direction is most effective.
The use of reflective materials in this scheme increases the efficiency of the light and the use of the spatial structure shape reduces the distance between the light source and the object to be illuminated. It also reduces the loss of light efficiency due to height. High efficiency LED light sources are used throughout the project and the intelligent system controls the current, varying the brightness of the luminaires according to the intensity of the sunlight, thus reducing energy loss.